List of Online Copyright Courses Offered from

The courses below are available on an on-demand basis.  Email us to schedule an online course or webinar in your workplace. The courses are regularly updated. They have been proven to be an effective and efficient low cost method of copyright education since 2001.

Primer Courses:

  • U.S. Copyright Law
  • Canadian Copyright Law** (SyllabusIncludes content on recent case law and amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act.
  • Practical International Copyright Law
    • provides a practical view of international copyright issues including giving and obtaining permission when dealing with foreign countries and online works


Advanced/Interactive Courses:

  • Managing Copyright Issues
    • provides an overview on managing all types of copyright-protected works
  • Digital Licensing Online**
    • gives an in-depth look at the clauses in a digital licensing agreement and how to negotiate the agreement
  • Digital Content Management**
    • discusses the legal, strategic and practical implications of using, publishing and re-distributing licensed digital content
  • Copyright Education:  Demystifying Copyright in Your Enterprise
    • sets out a practical approach for copyright education within an enterprise
  • Copyright Law for Canadian Librarians
    • provides specific content for those working in Canadian libraries, archives and museums, with several case scenarios to anaylze

Intense Hands-On Workshop:

  • Developing a Copyright Policy (Syllabus)
    • leads you through various exercises, resulting in a draft copyright policy, which will be commented on by the instructor


** These courses are based on books written by Lesley Ellen Harris.

The above courses are designed for busy people who enjoy self-paced 7/24 learning.  The courses vary in length from 6 to 27 lessons and are offered throughout the year.  They are reasonably priced, and the advanced and intense courses include a private moderated blog (moderated by Lesley Ellen Harris) to ask questions and share experiences with your colleagues.  FAQs about these courses.

Have an idea for a new course?  Please contact us.

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