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Copyright law resourcesCopyright awareness, education and training are key goals of Copyrightlaws.com. Below are some of our many copyright law resources to help educate you about copyright law. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, search below for any topics that interest you. There are many other copyright law resources in this site that your search will reveal. Click here to get weekly copyright updates. Educate yourself about copyright law with our Copyright eTutorials.

Legally Using Images

Copyright Law and Legally Using Images from Google

What Year Should You Use in Your Copyright Notice?

The International Copyright Symbol

Copyright Law and Legally Using Images in Slide Presentations

Copyright Permissions – Sample Letter

Developing A Copyright Policy

6 Essential Tips for Legally Using Images

10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

5 Essential Facts About Fair Use

10 Things U.S. Librarians Must Know About Copyright Law


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We are currently creating resource lists on:

  • Copyright law for businesses
  • Copyright law for librarians
  • Copyright law for rights holders

We’ll include links to these new resource lists once they have been completed.

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