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Legally Using Images

Are You Using Copyright-Protected Images? More and more we are using images to enhance text-based documents, annual reports, websites and blogs.  As a universal rule, most images are protected by copyright laws around the world and permission is required to […]

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5 essential facts about fair use in the U.S. Copyright Act

5 Essential Facts About Fair Use

Fair use is a much discussed and often misunderstood doctrine in the U.S. Copyright Act. You do not need to be an expert in copyright law to understand

Understanding Fair Use in U.S. Copyright Law

Fair Use Scares Me! Despite what some think, you do not need to be an expert in copyright law to understand fair use. What “scares” some people away from

Moral Rights in the U.S.

Moral Rights in Works of Visual Art in the U.S. When we refer to copyright law in the U.S., we are generally referring to the economic rights in copyright

5 Facts Librarians Must Know About Copyright Law

Librarians and information professionals are often seen as the gatekeepers to content. In that role, they also become interpreters of copyright law and licensing agreements. May I make one

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