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Copyright Education for Librarians & Information Professionals

Copyright Education¬†for Librarians and Information Professionals This post educates librarians and information professionals with essential facts about copyright law. Librarians and information professionals need to be aware of these copyright facts and also be able to make others aware of […]

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Legally Using Images

Are You Using Copyright-Protected Images? In this post, you will be alerted to situations when you have to determine whether you are legally using images which will help strengthen

Articles by Lesley Ellen Harris

Posts and Articles by Lesley Ellen Harris Here you will find links to copyright articles written by Lesley Ellen Harris for various audiences including librarians, businesses, rights holders, and

Moral Rights in U.S. Copyright Law

What Are Moral Rights in U.S. Copyright Law In this post, you will learn about moral rights in U.S. copyright law that benefit certain creators of specific copyright-protected materials.

Understanding Fair Use in U.S. Copyright Law

Fair Use Scares Me! This post examines the fair use provision in the U.S. Copyright Act. It describes and demystifies the fair use principle and provides tips on how

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