About Copyrightlaws.com and Lesley Ellen Harris

For over 15 years, Copyrightlaws.com has been the portal for copyright and licensing information for creators, owners, distributors, and consumers of content.

Copyright lawyer Lesley Ellen Harris founded Copyrightlaws.com with the mission of taking the “gray areas” and “it depends” out of copyright and ensuring practical, strategic, business-like approaches to your copyright needs.

If you need specific assistance, Lesley can help. Lesley is a copyright consultant, author and educator.  She began working in copyright in the summer of 1984 while still a law student.  She continues to consult on U.S., Canadian and international copyright and licensing issues.  She has written 4 books (9 books if you count new editions), and develops and teaches in-person and online training courses.

IMG_4637_cardReach out to Lesley to:

  • Create educational materials
  • Write custom content
  • Develop Copyright Policies and Guidelines
  • Provide training, including train-the-trainer
  • Act as part-time, occasional or temporary in-house Copyright Officer/Manager in your library, school or organization
  • Undertake copyright audits
  • Strategize on ensuring legal uses of your content
  • Consult on copyright compliance measures

 Copyrightlaws.com and Lesley’s services are catered for those who create, access and distribute intellectual property – to help make money, save money, manage copyrights, protect intellectual property, comply with copyright, and mitigate risks.
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