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Museums, Copyright and Licensing: Museums both Licensors and Licensees

The Unique Position of Museums vis-a-vis Licensing Digital Content This post¬†discusses how museums own and acquire the rights to license content, and also license the content of others. ¬†It examines issues for a museum to consider in a license agreement, […]

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Questions on Licensing Digital Content

Questions on Licensing Digital Content This post sets out commonly asked questions about licensing digital content. The answers to these licensing questions will help librarians and others who negotiate

Obtaining Copyright Permission to Use Digital and Online Content

Obtaining Copyright Permission In this post, you will learn to obtain copyright permission and develop best practices for legally using third party content. Stay copyright compliant and lower your

Misconceptions about Licensing Electronic Content

Misconceptions About Licensing Electronic Content In this post, you'll gain a greater understanding about myths and misconceptions concerning licensing electronic content. Licensing electronic content is a skill that is acquired

Do You Need Permission to Share a Comic or Cartoon?

Copyright Law and Comics Is this copyright scenario familiar to you? A funny comic strip is forwarded to you by a colleague. He suggests you copy and paste the

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