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Copyright Laws Primer: Licenses versus Assignments

Differentiating Licenses and Assignments In simple terms, licenses and assignments are two ways to use content or authorize others to use your content. These are both terms used when obtaining permission or authorization to use copyright-protected materials. However a license […]

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Licensing Digital Content Book Arrives

I've been blogging so long now that I find posts that I now call retro! I am currently working on the 3rd edition of my book, Licensing Digital

Do You Need Permission to Share a Comic or Cartoon?

Copyright Law, Permissions and Comics Copyright law applies to various situations in business. Businesses have to be aware of using content in which they do not own the copyright,

Licensing Digital Content Book

Licensing Digital Content, A Practical Guide for Librarians is being updated! Lesley Ellen Harris is currently preparing the third edition of this practical book for librarians, information professionals and

Museums, Copyright and Licensing: Museums both Licensors and Licensees

The Unique Position of Museums vis-a-vis Licensing Digital Content This post discusses how museums own and acquire the rights to license content, and also license the content of others.  It

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