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8 Steps to Copyright Compliance in 2015

How to Ensure Copyright Compliance in 2015 Now that 2015 is well underway, it’s a great time to evaluate copyright compliance in your organization! Both individuals and organizations need to review copyright and ensure legal and practical solutions. With that […]

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Copyright Board of Canada: Royalties from Provincial and Territorial Governments

On 22 May 2015, the Copyright Board of Canada issued its decision relating to royalties to be paid by provincial and territorial governments for the copying of literary

Digital Copyright Issues

Social Media and Copyright Law According to the site, there are over 3 billion internet users globally. Of those, there are over 2 billion active social media accounts,

Access Copyright + Copyright Permissions in Canada

Copyright Permissions in Canadian Colleges + Universities In order to meet the demands of a changing licensee base, Access Copyright, the English language reprography collective in Canada, recently announced

“Non-Commercial” and Other Definitions in Licenses

Countless times I have been asked what does “non-commercial” mean?  Is reproducing an article in a university library a non-commercial use?  How about making 50 copies of a

CopyRIGHT Pathfinder on Licensing Digital Content

The fourth CopyRIGHT Pathfinder, which is part of the 2013 Copyright Community, is now available. This Pathfinder is designed with brief descriptions and links to guide you to

Licensing digital content

Streamlining Copyright Licensing: The Copyright Hub

This summer (2013), the Copyright Hub will go live. The Hub is a UK initiative to help those who use copyright-protected content to obtain reliable copyright information. The


Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues

Login. Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues is the name of an online course beginning 18 March 2013 (ending 8 April 2013.) There are 3 webinars which are

Copyright Laws Primer: Licenses versus Assignments

In simple terms, licenses and assignments are two ways to use content or authorize others to use your content. In an assignment situation, a content owner assigns his rights.

Managing Copyright Issues in 2012

12 Copyright Priorities in 2012 Your 2012 challenge-prioritize copyright this year with the following twelve suggestions. Plan and Budget 1.    Consider your 2012 budget for permissions, licenses, and copyright training.  Consult

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