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Copyright Law Myths and Facts: Test your Copyright Knowledge

Test your copyright knowledge:Copyright Law Myths and Facts When it comes to copyright law, there is much misinformation.  Test yourself to determine what you think is a copyright truth or myth (false). Truth or Myth (False)? T F 1.  Only […]

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5 Posts on Canadian Copyright Law

The blog for the book Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition now has its first five blog posts. These posts provide information on recent updates to Canadian copyright law. The

Obtaining Copyright Permission to Use Digital and Online Content

Obtaining permission to use digital content, whether online or in a physical container such as a DVD, should generally be approached in the same manner as analogue or

Positions and Job Functions in Copyright & Licensing: The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter

Who works in copyright law? Obviously entertainment and new media lawyers.  Others include the 450 civil servants in the U.S. Copyright Office, those who research and establish

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