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U.S. Copyright Law Online Course

Register for the next offering of U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial, September 11 to 26, 2017 U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial is a 10 e-lesson eTutorial that demystifies U.S. copyright law. Each e-lesson provides up-to-date information on the topic listed, sets out fundamentals […]

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Copyright Issues When Publishing Newsletters and Magazines

This post discusses the copyright issues businesses and organizations must deal with when publishing newsletters and magazines. The copyright education provided here will help your business avoid legal

Copyright Certificate Graduates

Congratulations to our impressive graduates from's copyright certificate programs! Our online copyright courses and programs are designed to empower non lawyers to be equipped with the copyright knowledge they need to

Happy Copyright Day! An Opportunity to Educate

Copyright Day In Your Organization This post encourages you to implement a day at your workplace that is dedicated to copyright awareness and education. Copyright awareness and education can mean different

5 Copyright Education Ideas to Implement Today

How frequently are you sharing the copyright message in your organization? Are you sending a weekly email with recent copyright questions and answers? Are you holding monthly discussion

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