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Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition

Canadian copyright law book and online coursesCanadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition is your guide to protecting and using Canadian content in Canada and around the globe. If your content is available in Canada, this book will inform you about the rights you have in Canada. If you live outside of Canada, this book will explain to you how your works are protected in Canada.

The book is aimed at those working in the cultural sector, entertainment, education, information and computer software, whether for-profit or nonprofit organizations, and whether your content is for commercial or noncommercial or personal purposes.

This book is for:

  • creators, copyright owners
  • those who use and share copyright materials like librarians and those who work in archives, museums and educational institutions
  • individuals
  • institutions and organizations

Canadian Copyright Law sets out the fundamentals including what’s protected by copyright, for how long and who owns the materials. It also discusses how to legally use content. An entire chapter is devoted to an overview of U.S. copyright law; and another chapter discusses international copyright law.

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“I’ve often noted that Lesley Ellen Harris’ book – Canadian Copyright Law (4th Edition) – is the Canadian bible on copyright for our field…This is an important book for every library’s professional collection with solid information and advice.” Stephen’s Lighthouse

Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition, “bills itself as ‘The indispensable guide for publishers, web professionals, writers, artists, filmmakers, teachers, librarians, archivists, curators, lawyers and businesspeople’ and this blogger would tend to agree.” Iona Silverman, The 1709 Blog

“Canadian Copyright Law is an invaluable resource for the Canadian blogger, regardless of blogging genre.  Virtually everything we do as bloggers is related to creating content, whether it’s photographs, stories, videos or recipes.  Understanding what your rights are is crucial to protecting your work, yourself and, in many cases your income.  It’s equally important to understand when you are potentially infringing on copyright, whether it’s re-posting a portion of somebody else’s works,  or altering it in some form.  This book will help!” See full review on Food Blogger’s of Canada (FBC) blog.

“The awesome Lesley Ellen Harris has published the fourth edition of her essential book Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition, by Wiley. The book is written for non-lawyers and covers everything from discussing the various areas of intellectual property to global copyright from the Canadian perspective, how to protect content and legally use content, an overview of US copyright law and much, much more! … This is an important book for every library’s professional collection with solid information and advice.  Lesley is my go-to expert.” See full post here.

“There are so many blogs, websites, and books about U.S. copyright laws, but far fewer resources are available to understand Canadian copyright laws. One of the best books on the subject for non-lawyers is Canadian Copyright Law by Lesley Ellen Harris…” See full post here.

“Canadian Copyright Law is an indispensable resource providing all the information you need to know about copyright in your professional and personal life.” See full post here.

Among other things, this edition includes new information about copyright issues that concern digital media, an overview of U.S. copyright laws, and global copyright – all in the same accessible and understandable language that characterized the first three editions.” – The LegalEDGE, Issue 105, January – March 2014

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