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Canada extends copyright duration in sound recordings

Copyright Duration in Sound Recordings Extended in Canada

Extension of Copyright Duration in Canada Canada has extended the duration of copyright in performances and sound recordings to 70 years after the release date of the sound recording. This new term is effective 23 June 2015. Who Benefits from […]

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Copyright reform

Copyright in 2013: Cases, Legislation and More

Instead of reinventing the wheel, this post refers you to various blogs that summed up important copyright happenings in 2013. The 1709 Blog provides a month-by-month review of global

copyright reform

Copyright Reform: Amending Copyright Acts and Treaties

A version of this post was originally published as an editorial in The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter. In light of the amendments to the Canadian Copyright

Announcement of Comprehensive Review of U.S. Copyright Law

Big news on U.S. copyright reform. Today, Bob Goodlatte announced that the Judiciary Committee will conduct a comprehensive review of the U.S. law over the upcoming months. Bob Goodlatte


The U.S. Legislative Process

U.S. Copyright Laws in Congress U.S. copyright law is often the subject of bills, discussions on the Hill, and of course new legislation. The process of amending the U.S.

Canadian Copyright Laws – Consolidated Copyright Act

A consolidation of the Canadian Copyright Act that includes the provisions from the Copyright Modernization Act (CMA) has been made by the Department of Justice and is available

Canadian Copyright Laws being amended by Bill C-11 – Latest News

7 November 2012: Today is an important day for Canadian Copyright Law. Many of the provisions in Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act (CMA), were proclaimed this morning and

Copyright Laws + Recording Concerts, Web Design, Changes in Canada

Snippets from issue 3, 2012 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: “Have you ever been emailed a photograph of yourself, or come across one on a blog

October 2012, LEH-Letter: Copyright, New Media Law & E-Commerce News

The October 2012 issue of the LEH-Letter: Copyright, New Media Law & E-Commerce News is now available. See previous 2012


WIPO’s Role in a Changing World via Francis Gurry

Copyright at the international level is facing challenges similar to domestic copyright laws. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is continuously re-examining its own role in copyright issues.

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