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US Copyright Office

U.S. Copyright Law: Copyright Quiz 4.0

How familiar are you with U.S. copyright law? Take the challenge below to test your knowledge on U.S. copyright law. True or False? In order to have copyright protection in the United States you must  place the copyright symbol, ©, […]

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Copyright Law Myths and Facts: Test your Copyright Knowledge

Test your copyright knowledge:  Copyright Quiz 3.0 (PDF Version of Quiz subject to a Creative Commons License) When it comes to copyright law, there is much misinformation.  Test yourself to

Test your copyright knowledge: Copyright Quiz 2.0

Copyright Quiz 2.0 Test your knowledge on international copyright principles. True or False? 1. Copyright law is the same throughout the world. T F 2. The leading

Test your copyright knowledge: Copyright Quiz 1.0

Copyright Quiz 1.0 The purpose of this quiz is to test your knowledge on general copyright principles. Answers are at the bottom of this posting. True or False? T

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