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Syllabus for eTutorial: Canadian Copyright Law

Register for the next offering of our Canadian Copyright Law (CCL) eTutorial from September 16 – October 7, 2015. CCL is a 16 e-lesson eTutorial and a primer and refresher on Canadian copyright law. Includes information on recent amendments to […]

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Copyright risk management as key to copyright compliance – a short checklist

Copyright risk management is key to copyright compliance.  A short checklist to lower your risks: Understand basic copyright principles in your own country. Be comfortable with global copyright issues -

Positions and Job Functions in Copyright & Licensing: The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter

Who works in copyright law? Obviously entertainment and new media lawyers.  Others include the 450 civil servants in the U.S. Copyright Office, those who research and establish

Volume 2010 Issue 1 Copyright Newsletter

The first 2010 issue of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter is now available in print and PDF. Issues covered include advice on dealing with an infringement,

Online Course: Copyright Education: Demystifying Copyright in your Enterprise

The online course, Copyright Education: Demystifying Copyright in your Enterprise (“CE”) consists of 8 e-lessons and a private discussion blog. Syllabus 1. Why Copyright Education Organizational Considerations 2. Copyright Education Leadership 3. Evaluating

2010 Scheduling of In-Person Courses

In 2009, I taught a number of professional development courses on copyright and licensing to a variety of audiences (from librarians to government workers to photographers) in a

2010 Offering of Copyright Law for Canadian Librarians

Copyright Law for Canadian Librarians (“CLCL”) is an advanced online course with 6 e-lessons, a discussion blog, and specific case studies relevant to day to day copyright situations

Syllabus for Managing Copyright Issues

Managing Copyright Issues (“MCI”) is a 16 e-lesson course with a moderated private discussion blog during the duration of the course. Syllabus 1. Why manage your copyright issues? General Management Issues 2.

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