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What Our Community is Saying

As a California teacher and practitioner of copyright for over thirty years, I’ve found Lesley’s research unerringly accurate and her copyright tips uncannily practical. – Professor Arthur W. Campbell, California Western School of Law

Thank you for all you do on behalf of the Copyright Community. I am no longer gainfully employed in a copyright industry, but am very glad to have such a wonderful source of information at my fingertips. People still think I know about copyright, so to be able to follow changes in the law will be important to me for some time to come. – John W. Irwin, Retired Publisher

The weekly LEH-Letter always has interesting and informative copyright items. Thank you so much! – Ruth Tellis, Rights and Licensing Consultant, Rights

In a recent survey, we asked our readers how the LEH-Letter helps with their copyright issues. Their responses:

Keeps me up to date on what’s happening in copyright.

Provides clarity on issues re photographers.

It has helped me understand fair use a little better for our students and especially our faculty.

I am responsible for copyright for my library and the newsletter keeps me current on copyright issues.

It often has information that can be shared in meetings as examples.

It provides tips to consider and links to relevant cases and issues.

It keeps me up to date with current practices, issues, and legislation

I am a new subscriber but it already seems informative and digestible.

The letter has been a great resource for pointing me in the right direction when I have a question.

It’s a very useful as a source for copyright news.

In my current position I’m not responsible for copyright issues; however as my background with 10 years as a copyright librarian, all copyright issues come my way. I try to keep up to date as best I can and read the LEH-letter regularly. I have taken several copyright courses by Lesley over the years.

LEH-Letter has provided me with timely, succinct, and easy-to-understand information, comments, suggestions, and advice which I can easily use to assist my college community.

Countless ways!  Helps in our understanding of copyright so that we can teach others.  Helps with our business policies.  Information is concise and presented well.  Thank you! 

LEH-letter helps me stay tuned to what is going on in the copyright environment. I also appreciate the fact that it covers Canada.

Information on foreign copyright law.

It has helped my team educate our content providers on the consequences of using the content of other without permission.

Links to/digests of variety of views supports institutional decision-making, awareness of factors to take into account when making determinations; also, based on LEH-Letter, I became aware of the CCM program/courses and successfully obtained departmental financial support to take a course on global copyright, which was very helpful – especially as the TPP looms on the horizon.

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