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Copyright Certificate program graduatesCongratulations to our impressive graduates from’s copyright certificate programs!

Our online copyright courses and programs are designed to empower non lawyers to be equipped with the copyright knowledge they need to lower copyright infringement risks, and our certificate programs turn librarians and other non lawyers into copyright leaders and managers.

We have two programs: Copyright Leadership Certificate; and Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law. Our unique fully online copyright courses and practical training are open to participants from around the world.

Our Graduates

Graduates in the Copyright Leadership Certificate are:

Irina Burns, Managing Editor, Academy of Management (July 2017)

Kyra Folk-Farber, Music Librarian, University of California, Santa Barbara (August 2017)

Janet L. Hartmann, Global Research Operations Lead, The Boston Consulting Group (July 2017)

Jane E. Matthews, Corporate Librarian, Cook Research, Inc. (June 2017)

Mike Minjock, Licensing Manager, Oncology Nursing Society (August 2017)

Online copyright course

Karen Shaines

Karen Shaines, Research Librarian/Copyright Team, International Monetary Fund (June 2017)

Kevin Schroder (July 2017)

Anita Szafran, Research Librarian, RAND Corporation (July 2017)

Jean Waldrop, Library Director, Brackett Library, Harding University (August 2017)

Tara Wenger, Research Librarian, Pearson Assessment Development Services (July 2017)


What our graduates say:

The Copyright Leadership Certificate is a great, well-paced overview of copyright law, with material to continue to study on my own and to continue to use as reference in the future. The e-mail format of the lessons worked great. The self-grading quizzes in each lesson helped me focus on what I failed to learn/understand and need to relearn. I will use the fair use tool and many of the charts and guides provided. I found the class list had great potential for network contacts as well, should I have questions in the future and may want to reach out. Thanks to the Certificate, I am now able to respond with more confidence to copyright questions and know when to seek further advice from legal. The Certificate was definitely worth the price and I recommend it to others.- Jane E. Matthews, Corporate Librarian, Cook Research, Inc., June 2017

The Copyright Leadership Certificate exceeded my expectations. I did not expect the course to cover as much material as it did. I will be applying a number of changes throughout the rest of year due to what I learned in the Certificate program, mostly to our copyright guidelines. I would absolutely recommend this program to others. – Irina Burns, Managing Editor, Academy of Management, July 2017

The e-mail format of the lessons was great. I was able to work at my own pace. The certificate program is unique and having it as a credential is worth the price. – Janet Hartmann, Global Research Operations Lead, The Boston Consulting Group, July 2017

I just graduated from the Copyright Leadership Certificate and I’ve already started a permissions log and I am writing copyright policies and guidelines for the library. I think Lesley did a great job of connecting with people. Not everyone does that well in an online class situation but she took time to have “face meetings” and stayed in touch through the group project and the blog. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the program. – Jean Waldrop, Library Director, Brackett Library, Harding University, August 2017

Thanks to the Copyright Leadership Certificate program I am more informed about copyright law and better able to answer co-workers’ questions. – Mike Minjock, Licensing Manager, Oncology Nursing Society, August 2017

Graduates in the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law are:

Rowan Amott, MLS (January 2017)

Jane Beehler, Librarian, KFL&A Health (February 2017)

Heather Bidzinski, Canadian Museum for Human Rights (January 2017)

Lauren Bourdages, Wilfrid Laurier University (January 2017)

Mélanie Brunet, Copyright Services Librarian, Copyright Office, University of Ottawa Library (December 2016)

Caroline Clouston, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (February 2017)

Scott R. Cowan, University of Windsor (January 2017)

Michelle Demeyere (February 2017)

Michel B. DuCharme, Ph.D., Defence R&D Canada (February 2017)

Patti Ensor, CSA Group (March 2017)

Meredith Fischer, Wilfrid Laurier University (January 2017)

Nicole Fletcher, Collections Manager, Winnipeg Art Gallery (February 2017)

Elizabeth Grasdal, College of the Rockies Library (January 2017)

William Bradley Hampson, Frontier School Division (February 2017)

Scott A. Jones, Bank of Canada (January 2017)

Carmen Cazakoff-Lane (February 2017)

Megan Laffin (December 2017)

David M.P. Leggett, Library & Copyright Assistant, Northern Lights College (June 2017)

Neil Madison (February 2017)

Juanita MacDonald (August 2017)

Sally-Ann Mowat, Copyright Office, University of Alberta (February 2017)

Rie Namba (June 2017)

Selena Percy, Archives Specialist, City of Red Deer (August 2017)

Juanita Richardson, The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (January 2017)

Jesse Roberts, Thunder Bay Public Library (December 2016)

Sophie E. Roy, National Research Council Canada (June 2017)

Paula Schwindt, Manulife/John Hancock (December 2016)

Sylvie Séguin, Centre franco-ontario de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP) (January 2017)

Jessica Stewart, National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives (July 2017)

Maureen Sullivan, National Education Consulting Inc./NECI (July 2017)

Melanie Wilke, Library Coordinator Northwest Community College (January 2017)

What our graduates say:

The Certificate program has done wonders for me in terms of fueling my confidence in my ability to do the job. I will be pushing for a more centralized approach to copyright administration – most immediately the completion of along-promised database for managing copyright permissions. – David M.P. Leggett, Library & Copyright Assistant, Northern Lights College

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Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law

Sylvie Séguin Holding Her Certificate Plaque


What participants say about our online copyright certificate programs:“I loved the Certificate program, it exceeded my expectations. Each tutorial delivered copyright information in an easy to understand format and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that we received. After the program, my priority is to revise the copyright portion of our contracts. I will also make a copyright adherence policy for staff and begin staff copyright education. The program has been a very valuable experience for me and has made me feel more secure in managing copyright at work. I definitely recommend the Certificate program to others.” – Nicole Fletcher, Collections Manager, Winnipeg Art Gallery“Thank you for offering this Certificate program. Today’s lesson has prompted me to draft a document/resource/table of frequently asked questions with a ‘scripted’ response plus links and references to substantiate that response. It should make my life a bit easier and could be accessed by others when I am not available.” – Rowan Arnott, Toronto District School Board“The Certificate program and each eTutorial is logical and linear, and the e-lessons are easily (and enjoyably) read and retained. The most value I expect to get is with the overall legality of copyright and how best to develop a personal risk/copyright management plan as it pertains to my photography. For my work, I can see how it has already benefited the School Division as we are reworking our Copyright protocols, policies, and most importantly our Professional Development and communications for our students, educators, and support staff.” – Bradley Hampson, MBA, Assistant Superintendent, Technology, Frontier School Division, Winnipeg“The Certificate program is fantastic. Beyond fantastic. I can’t recommend this program enough. It’s validating in that it reviews and supports the bits of copyright law that I’ve gleaned in doing this thing called ‘visual research’. It’s a great compilation of a lot of things that come up in our emails/facebook – eg: fair dealing, public domain, creative commons, digital rights, international clearance etc. I wish I had taken this course 15 years ago when I started. I wish I had taken this course anytime within the last 15 years. I feel like it’s making me a better researcher, and more confident in knowing the law behind our research scenarios.” – Michelle Demeyere, Visual Researcher, VRSC“I was able to immediately apply what I learned in the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law program and I have already created a Fair Dealing Policy and Procedure. I am now in the process of creating a Copyright Strategy for our organization.” – Juanita Richardson, The Michener Institute of Education at UHN“I received the plaque this week – it looks great. Thank you, I enjoyed the course and it got me beyond thinking about copyright in the ‘local sense’ and forced me to realize how important it was in an international or global sense. I was not sure what to expect as this was the first e-course that I have taken (showing my age). The course proved to be exceptionally thorough and the lessons were precise, detailed, professional and had excellent footnotes for additional information and resources. Your email communications were regular, encouraging, personal when needed, and cheerful. I appreciated the breakdown by modules and the tool to ensure that I organized the notes in an orderly fashion. At the end of the day I have a great resource that I can refer to in the future; I have a stronger understanding of the subject; and I have cast a critical eye as to how I manage copyright in the workplace.” – Rowan Arnott“I was very pleased and honored to receive the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law. The Certificate brought immediate positive feedback from my employer and colleagues.” – Sylvie Séguin, Agente aux droits d’auteur“The Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law was definitely what I was looking for. I am now more mindful of project management planning and risk assessments with respect to copyright.” – Juanita MacDonald, August 2017“I would definitely recommend the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law to others. I really enjoyed learning about international copyright law as well. The Tools are all very useful and I’ll be incorporating them into our archives’ practices.” Selena Percy, Archives Specialist, City of Red Deer, Alberta (August 2017)

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