Visit the U.S. Copyright Office

What is the role of the U.S. Copyright Office in domestic and global copyright issues?

How can my organization benefit from the services of the U.S. Copyright Office, and how can the Office help in researching copyright issues and finding the information I need?

What initiatives by the U.S. Copyright Office do I need to know about?

This new course, An Insider’s Look at the U.S. Copyright Office, is a unique opportunity to spend a day at the Copyright Office, view the premises, and interact with a variety of Copyright Office staff.  We will learn about the history of the Copyright Office and the copyright registration system, and get a first hand update on the Office’s studies on copyright in small claims court and legal issues in mass book digitization.  Participants will also learn about the Office’s legislative work on rogue websites, illegal streaming, orphan works, exceptions in copyright for libraries and other groups, the Office’s role in global copyright issues and WIPO, s. 1201 rulemaking, and how you can “communicate” with the Copyright Office.  And we’ll have a chance to discuss any “hot” issues that arise prior to our visit. This is a unique and rare opportunity not to be missed! Generally, public access to the U.S. Copyright Office is limited to the Public Information Office and the Copyright Public Records Reading Room.

Our introductory webinar is on 30 May 2012 and our full day at the Copyright Office is on 14 June 2012.  Further information and registration.

Last June I had a fabulous opportunity of visiting the U.S. Copyright Office with a class I was teaching at Catholic University.  Read about our visit.


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