U.S. Copyright Office Survey on Copyright Education

18 April 2012 Update: The survey has now closed.

The U.S. Copyright Office is conducting a short survey as part of a public education and outreach project.  The survey aims to document how diverse audiences understand copyright.  The purpose of the survey is to solicit information about how different audiences understand copyright; the data gathered will help to form the business plan for the future direction of copyright education.  The Copyright Office would like to hear from copyright applicants, copyright owners, members of the public, Copyright Office staff and others.  Help out by completing this short survey.  The survey will be open until at least 15 April 2012.  Please share the message with others.  A summary of the U.S. Copyright Office’s priorities as published in October 2012 is in the article:  The U.S. Copyright Office: The Next Two Years.

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