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U.S. Copyright Law Principles is the name of an online course beginning 21 February 2013 (ending 11 March 2013.)

There are 3 webinars (21 + 28 February, 6 March) which are recorded, a discussion list, and a 10-question multiple choice quiz at the end of the course. Participants receive a certificate of completion.

The online course covers:

  • background on U.S. copyright law
  • composition of U.S. copyright law
  • criteria for copyright protection (e.g., originality and fixation)
  • what works are protected
  • how to protect copyright works (e.g., registration and copyright notice requirements)
  • ownership
  • protection of rights
  • copyright protection duration
  • exploitation of rights
  • copyright infringement and remedies

The course looks at U.S. copyright law from a practical perspective with the goal of helping nonlawyers manage the copyright issues they face on a daily basis. The course is a primer for some and a refresher and update for others.

What past participants say:

“This particular course really satisfied my need to explore the U.S. copyright law in a detailed and supportive setting.”

“I now have a better understanding of the U.S. Copyright Act. I also appreciate how the various components of the act are intertwined with my day to day job responsibilities.”

“This course has been extremely useful to me; I appreciate the focus on introducing primary sources.”


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