Infringing Copy? Superman Man of Steel DVD

Superman Man of Steel was released on 12 June 2013 in the United States. A couple of weeks later I was on a family trip in Vietnam. One night after dinner on a busy restaurant street in Hanoi, a young Vietnamese man walking down the street approached me. He was carrying a small wooden cart strung around his neck, and the cart held several DVDs he was selling. I picked one out to add to my collection of allegedly infringing DVDs I collect from various places around the world. My kids said get Man of Steel as it just came out – my kids were well aware of the purpose of my purchase and knew that the DVD would not be watched by them or any of us! Generally, I purchased such DVDs as examples for the courses on copyright that I teach.

After my purchase, I asked the man if I could take his picture and he smiled and gladly complied. There were obviously no concerns on his part about selling infringing DVDs. And was my purchase an infringing copy? You can examine the photos below and decide for yourself. A hint is that the cover is photocopied in color and there is even Vietnamese wording on the front cover!



Image 1

Superman Man of Steel was released in Vietnam on 14 June 2013.

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