Graduate Course in Copyright + Licensing, July 2014

The Copyright + Licensing Institute (click for further info)

Please join us for a week long 3-credit course from July 7-11, 2014 at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. The course is open to LIS students and post-master’s students. Email

This five-day intensive Institute surveys various U.S., and some global, copyright law and licensing issues in libraries. The emphasis will be on understanding copyright, licensing and electronic rights (e-rights) in modern culture and technology, and applying this understanding to the use of copyright and licensed content in a variety of library settings. Topics for this course include: 1) the basics of copyright, 2) digital copyright issues, 3) library copyright issues, 4) permissions and licensing, and, 5) managing copyright and licensing in libraries. This course will be taught on the CUA campus with one full day at the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress. Guest speakers will address the class, where appropriate. Participants will have an opportunity to explore relevant and evolving copyright issues, gain confidence in their knowledge in this confusing area, and apply their knowledge through practical exercises and assignments.


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