Copyright risk management as key to copyright compliance – a short checklist

Copyright risk management is key to copyright compliance.  A short checklist to lower your risks:

  1. Understand basic copyright principles in your own country.
  2. Be comfortable with global copyright issues – remember most online content means a global copyright issue.
  3. Know when fair use/dealing and exceptions apply to your particular circumstances.
  4. Be aware of  the difference between a copyright lawyer and the non-lawyer who manages copyright in an organization.
  5. Be proactive and have a copyright risk management plan in place, possibly including a Copyright Policy.
  6. Spread the copyright word – educate those around you about copyright and licensing electronic content.

The above six points are the premise for many courses I teach including the 8 course Certificate in Copyright Management program.  I am pleased to share comments from these courses:

Thanks again for the wonderful course and certificate program. I’m walking on air, in a good nerdy kind of way, with all the copyright information and collegial interaction. 🙂

I dug in to the law with less intimidation than previously and found that it was largely comprehensible. The handouts helped to get directly on track for targeted topics. And last, but certainly not least, the discussion was enormously valuable. This aspect of the class is an unexpected treasure chest. I can’t tell you how good I feel knowing there are other people who share many of my concerns and curiosities around copyright!

– Laura Clos, Rights and Permissions, Harvard Education Publishing Group, Masssachusetts

This course has been extremely useful to me – I appreciate the focus on introducing primary sources. I especially want to compliment you for your ability to present everything by use of plain English. 🙂

– Dyveke Sijm, Resource Manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Denmark

Thank you so much for all of the knowledge you have shared with us. The class material and discussions are on point and exceptionally helpful. I’ve managed to sneak in reading while taking a taxi home and I can’t seem to get enough of the material. It’s an excellent source to refer to and the network that has developed across my fellow students is amazing.  I have nothing but favorable comments on the material and how the classes are going so keep up the great work.

– Vera Karki, Vice President, Proposals, Mesirow Financial Consulting, LLC, New York

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