U.S. Copyright Law

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U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial is a 10 e-lesson eTutorial that demystifies U.S. copyright law. Each e-lesson provides up-to-date information on the topic listed, sets out fundamentals for that topic, has a self-marking quiz, and provides URLs for further reading.

Syllabus for United States Copyright Law

E-Lesson 1.0 — Copyright and Intellectual Property in the U.S

E-Lesson 2.0 — International Copyright in the U.S. Context

E-Lesson 3.0 — Works Protected by Copyright

E-Lesson 4.0 — Registration and Copyright Notices

E-Lesson 5.0 —Ownership and Duration of Rights

E-Lesson 6.0 —Protected Rights and Their Exploitation

E-Lesson 7.0 — Limitations on Rights

E-Lesson 8.0 — Copyright Infringement

E-Lesson 9.0 — Legally Using Copyright-Protected Materials

E-Lesson 10.0 — Final Quiz: Review of United States Copyright Law

You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this eTutorial.

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After taking this eTutorial you will be able to:

  • explain how U.S. copyright law works and how to obtain copyright protection in the U.S.
  • identify what is protected by U.S. copyright law and when you need permission to use copyright materials
  • understand key U.S. copyright law principles and the international copyright law from the U.S. perspective

Who should enroll in this course?

  • Anyone who wants a basic understanding of U.S. copyright law in plain English
  • Americans who want a primer or refresher on U.S.
  • Non-Americans who seek an overview of U.S. copyright law

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