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Copyright Lawyer in Novels

J’adore an author who bases her novels on the life of an intellectual property (IP) lawyer! I recently read two fiction books by author Isabelle Laflèche and if you are reading my blog on copyright law, you’d probably also enjoy […]

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Librarians as Authors and Publishers of Copyright Materials

As part of a series of courses on copyright law and licensing that I teach, one is called Copyright Principles for Authors and Publishers. Anyone may enroll in

Copyright for bloggers authors and publishers

Copyright Principles for Authors and Publishers Online Course

Online Course for Authors + Publishers on Copyright Principles Login Begins 6 May (ending 27 May), offered through Special Libraries Association's Click University.     Register There are 3 webinars, a discussion

Copyright for Publishers

Three important copyright issues for publishers are: ownership of content using third party content protecting publications The issues affect both print and electronic publishers of all sorts of content. Copyright Ownership In copyright, the

Spring 2013 Copyright Courses

Spring Training in Copyright Laws: Digital, Libraries, Authors + Publishers

  Various opportunities to learn about copyright law in an online environment are scheduled in April + May. 10 - 29 April: Library and Special Library Copyright Issues 1 - 31

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Copyright Laws and Self-Published Authors

Last week I was delighted to be the first purchaser of the print version of a brand new self-published book, A Baker’s Dozen.  It was written and published


Copyright Essentials for Associations + Organizations Publishing Newsletters and Magazines, Part I

It seems that organizations and associations are producing more newsletters and magazines than ever, at least in an electronic format. Certainly, there are some differences between publishing in

Authors, Publishers and Librarians – Perspectives on Copyright Laws

When it comes to copyright, there are basic concepts we all need to know about. Issues such as what is protected by copyright, for how long, and determining

World Bank, Copyright, Licensing & Open Access (OA)

As recently announced, Carlos Rossel, Publisher, The World Bank, is guiding the transition of the Bank’s print publishing to largely electronic, open access publishing. As part of this

Copyright Issues in E-Books and Electronic Publishing

With greater opportunities for electronic publishing, many authors, traditional (print) publishers, and organizations are now also in the e-book business.  With this new role comes new business and

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