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Copyright Law + Using Images and Photos from Google

This post discusses the copyright implications of using images found through an online search engine such as Google. In general, you should assume that all images you want to use are protected by copyright unless and until you find out […]

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Syllabus for eTutorial: Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines

Join us in our unique eTutorial Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines, where you complete a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines guided by the eight lessons in this hands-on

Copyright Facts for Librarians

This post examines key copyright facts for librarians. As gatekeepers to content and information, librarians play a vital role in understanding and helping apply copyright law in their

Food Bloggers of Canada: Copyright + Food Blogging

Copyright and Food Bloggers Food bloggers have a number of issues to be concerned about when it comes to copyright law, from protecting their own content, to legally using the

Orphan Works in Canada: Unlocatable Copyright Owners

Identifying or locating a copyright owner to request permission to use their work is not always easy. The U.S. has no provision in its Copyright Act to allow

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