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Excuses for Not Obtaining Copyright Permission

8 Excuses for Not Getting Copyright Permission We have all heard excuses for not obtaining copyright permission prior to using a copyright-protected work. We may even have uttered some of the excuses set out below. Do you have a favorite […]

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5 Facts Librarians Must Know About Copyright Law

Librarians and information professionals are often seen as the gatekeepers to content. In that role, they also become interpreters of copyright law and licensing agreements. May I make one

Lesley Ellen Harris

Using Online Content – Do You Need Permission?

CKNW Radio's Jon McComb interviewed Lesley Ellen Harris on the copyright protection of online content from images to music to crafts. What's protected and what's not? When do

Licensing digital content

Streamlining Copyright Licensing: The Copyright Hub

This summer (2013), the Copyright Hub will go live. The Hub is a UK initiative to help those who use copyright-protected content to obtain reliable copyright information. The

Online Course: Global Copyright Law Principles

Login to the Digital Space for the online course, Global Copyright Law Principles. This course has now ended. It will be offered again in early 2014. An eTutorial on International

Orphan Works in Canada: Unlocatable Copyright Owners

Unlike the U.S. and many other countries, Canada has a mechanism in its Copyright Act to help obtain permission to use content in which the copyright owner is

google images

Copyright Law + Using Images and Photos from Google

How many times have you used Google and found the perfect image or photograph? As tempting as it is to copy and paste that image and perhaps even

Do You Need Permission to Share a Comic or Cartoon?

A cute copyright-related comic was emailed to me by a friend this week.  The comic would be fun to publish in The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter,


Do You Have A Copyright Question?

Do you have a copyright question? can assist: 1. Click here. 2. Choose one of the fifteen headings that is most relevant to your question. 3. Browse through the answers


Copyright Facts for Librarians

Below are 6 essential copyright facts for librarians.  Please add to the discussion by commenting below. 1.    You can always summarize an article or book if you cannot obtain

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