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Syllabus for eTutorial: Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines

RegisterĀ for the next offering of our Drafting a Copyright Policy or Guidelines eTutorial from October 14 – 30, 2015. Complete a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines guided by the 8 lessons in this unique, practical course. Syllabus 1. Why You […]

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Copyright Permissions – Sample Letter

How to Contact a Copyright Owner for Permission Do you need permission to use an image on your blog? Are you including articles in a seminar? Are you posting

Syllabus for eTutorial: Canadian Copyright Law

Register for the next offering of our Canadian Copyright Law (CCL) eTutorial from September 16 - October 7, 2015. CCL is a 16 e-lesson eTutorial and a primer and

Copyright and U.S. government materials

Copyright Laws in U.S. Government Works

U.S. Government Works: Not All in the Public Domain The U.S. Copyright Act clearly states that copyright protection in the United States is not available for any work of

Orphan Works in Canada

Orphan Works in Canada: Unlocatable Copyright Owners

Orphan Works in Canada Unlike the U.S. and many other countries, Canada has a mechanism in its Copyright Act to help obtain permission to use content in which the

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