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Food Bloggers of Canada: Copyright + Food Blogging

From October 23 – 25, I’m in Montreal at FBC2015 with some pretty amazing, fun and interesting food bloggers. It’s a weekend of social activities, great food and informative speakers on the business of blogging. In fact, I’m sharing a […]

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Syllabus for eTutorial: Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines

Register for the next offering of our Drafting a Copyright Policy or Guidelines eTutorial from October 14 - 30, 2015. With 2 - 4 hours of time per week, you

Copyright Permissions – Sample Letter

How to Contact a Copyright Owner for Permission Do you need permission to use an image on your blog? Are you including articles in a seminar? Are you posting

Syllabus for eTutorial: Canadian Copyright Law

REGISTER FOR eTUTORIAL BEGINNING FEBRUARY 26TH, 2016 (ends March 18th, 2016) CCL is a 16 e-lesson eTutorial and a primer and refresher on Canadian copyright law. Includes information on recent

Copyright and U.S. government materials

Copyright Laws in U.S. Government Works

U.S. Government Works: Not All in the Public Domain The U.S. Copyright Act clearly states that copyright protection in the United States is not available for any work of

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