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Copyright Law + Using Images and Photos from Google

This post discusses the copyright implications of using images found through an online search engine such as Google. In general, you should assume that all images you want to use are protected by copyright unless and until you find out […]

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Excuses for Not Obtaining Copyright Permission

Complying with copyright law takes copyright education, consistent application of the law and a person to guide others in your library or business towards doing the right thing

Do You Need Permission to Share a Comic or Cartoon?

Copyright Law, Permissions and Comics Copyright law applies to various situations in business. Businesses have to be aware of using content in which they do not own the copyright,

5 Things You May Not Know About U.S. Copyright Law

This post discusses essential points that every library, academic institution and business needs to know about U.S. copyright law. From rights granted to fair use to what's in

Copyright Law and Legally Using Images in Slide Presentations

Copyright Law and Legally Using Images in Slides and Presentations This post is about legally using images and establishing best practices when using images protected by copyright. Whenever you

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