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Copyright Laws Education: Certificate in Copyright Management

Why we need to manage copyright is the underlying theme of Click University’s Certificate in Copyright Management: Principles and Issues program. Join our virtual open house on 14 November 2013 @ 1 pm. All the courses in the program are intended for those who manage […]

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Marrakesh Treaty

3D Printing, Sherlock Holmes, Marrakesh Treaty + Legally Using Content

Snippets from issue 3, 2013 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: A “novel” idea: a novel about copyright law.  This particular work of fiction was written by

Copyright Laws

Copyright Law for Librarians

Do libraries have different copyright laws than other institutions or organizations? And are nonprofit and for profit libraries treated differently in the eyes of the copyright law? Where

8 Facts About Canadian Copyright Law

There are so many interesting facts about Canadian copyright law. This post sets out eight random facts. Copyright Protection is Automatic ONE - It is not mandatory to use a

Canadian Copyright Law Book Covers, Editions 1 – 4

 Canadian Copyright Law     Fourth Edition (2013) Canadian Copyright Law Editions One (1991), Two (1995) and Three

Copyright training

Copyright Courses Fall 2013

Online Learning September is in the air and that means cooler days and even cooler nights. And it’s also back to school time – and not just for the

Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law Fall 2013 Book + Courses

Less than one year ago on 7 November 2012, major amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act came into force. These amendments bring the Act up to date to

Announcement of Comprehensive Review of U.S. Copyright Law

Big news on U.S. copyright reform. Today, Bob Goodlatte announced that the Judiciary Committee will conduct a comprehensive review of the U.S. law over the upcoming months. Bob Goodlatte

WIPO World Intellectual Property Day

Seize the Teachable Copyright Training Moment

You are in the company lunchroom and overhear a conversation about the development of your company’s website. Seize the moment and ask about setting up a copyright resource

Copyright Training

Saying Yes to Copyright Permissions

Be the Copyright Know Person; Not the No Person Are you responsible for spreading the word about copyright in your library or organization? Do people come to you looking

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