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5 Copyright Education Ideas to Implement Today

How frequently are you sharing the copyright message in your organization? Are you sending a weekly email with recent copyright questions and answers? Are you holding monthly discussion groups on copyright? Or are you waiting for a copyright infringement claim […]

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Copyright Literacy and Translating Copyright to a Life Skill

What is Copyright Literacy? Literacy is defined as competence or knowledge in a specific area. Copyright literacy is more specific; it refers to important competencies and knowledge that include

Copyright Facts for Librarians

This post examines key copyright facts for librarians. As gatekeepers to content and information, librarians play a vital role in understanding and helping apply copyright law in their

Online Learning: Copyright Leadership Certificate

Becoming a Copyright Leader What does it take to become an effective copyright leader? Education, education, education. Introducing the Copyright Leadership Certificate, an all online program that allows an

Copyright Training

Saying Yes to Copyright Permissions

Be the Copyright Know Person; Not the No Person This post sets out 5 tips on how to make copyright law work in your organization. Whether you based in

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