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10 Things U.S. Librarians Must Know About Copyright Law

Here you will readĀ 10 essential things U.S. librarians and information professionals must know about U.S. and international copyright law. Copyright compliance is often the domain of librarians and information professionals and understanding U.S. and international copyright law principles will help […]

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5 essential facts about fair use in the U.S. Copyright Act

5 Essential Facts About Fair Use

Learning About Fair Use in the U.S. Copyright Act Fair use is a much discussed and often misunderstood doctrine in the U.S. Copyright Act. You do not need to

U.S. Copyright Law Online Course

Register for the next offering of U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial, May 8 to May 23, 2017 U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial is a 10 e-lesson eTutorial that demystifies U.S. copyright

Copyright Education for Librarians & Information Professionals

Copyright EducationĀ for Librarians and Information Professionals This post educates librarians and information professionals with essential facts about copyright law. Librarians and information professionals need to be aware of these

Legally Using Images

Are You Using Copyright-Protected Images? In this post, you will be alerted to situations when you have to determine whether you are legally using images which will help strengthen

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