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Copyright Issues in E-Books and Electronic Publishing

This post discusses copyright issues in e-books and electronic publishing. If you’re using artwork, tables, map and charts and other third-party content in electronic books, then you should consider the copyright issues when planning your electronic project. Copyright permissions may […]

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Misconceptions about Licensing Electronic Content

Misconceptions About Licensing Electronic Content In this post, you'll gain a greater understanding about myths and misconceptions concerning licensing electronic content. Licensing electronic content is a skill that is acquired

E-Book Publishing Copyright Issues

With the many advantages of electronic self-publishing over traditional book publishing, and an expanding market for the consumption of e-books, many authors, publishers and organizations are already and

Copyright Laws and Self-Published Authors

Last week I was delighted to be the first purchaser of the print version of a brand new self-published book, A Baker’s Dozen.  It was written and published

Digital Licensing, Clicking “I Agree”, E-Book & iPad Licensing

The Meaning of License According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a “license” is “The permission by competent authority to do an act which, without such permission, would be illegal, a

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