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Library and Special Library Copyright Issues

Login. Library and Special Library Copyright Issues is the name of an online course beginning 3 April 2014 (ending 28 April 2014) through Special Libraries Association’s Click University. There are 3 webinars which are recorded, a discussion list, and a 10-question multiple […]

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Copyright education

Digital Copyright Issues + Global Copyright Online Courses

Copyright Compliance Copyright compliance is an on-going effort with many facets. Education is one of those facets. Educating yourself about copyright and licensing law as well as educating those

Canadian copyright

Copyright Law Training: Certificate in Copyright Management

Do you need a copyright guru in your organization? Looking for unbiased and practical copyright information? Are you a nonlawyer managing copyright and licensing issues? The Certificate in Copyright Management program

Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law Fall 2013 Book + Courses

Less than one year ago on 7 November 2012, major amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act came into force. These amendments bring the Act up to date to

Copyright for bloggers authors and publishers

Copyright Principles for Authors and Publishers Online Course

Online Course for Authors + Publishers on Copyright Principles Login Begins 2 May (ending 20 May), offered through Special Libraries Association's Click University.     Register There are 3 webinars which are

Live Copyright Training in June 2013

Three opportunities in June to be part of live copyright training: 1. Copyright for Publishers in Washington, DC Wednesday 5 June 2013, 2:10 - 3:10 pm, Bonus Session at SIPA (Specialized

WIPO World Intellectual Property Day

Seize the Teachable Copyright Training Moment

You are in the company lunchroom and overhear a conversation about the development of your company’s website. Seize the moment and ask about setting up a copyright resource


Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues

Login. Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues is the name of an online course beginning 18 March 2013 (ending 8 April 2013.) There are 3 webinars which are

US Copyright Office

U.S. Copyright Laws – Online Course

U.S. Copyright Law Principles is the name of an online course beginning 21 February 2013 (ending 11 March 2013.) There are 3 webinars (21 + 28 February, 6 March)

Introduction to Copyright Management

Tips on Copyright Management + Compliance: Think about why you need to manage copyright in your organization. Consider designating a single person to manage your organization's copyright issues. Continue to educate

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