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Practical International Copyright Law Online Course

Practical International Copyright Law eTutorial While there is no “international copyright law” per se, there are legal implications whenever your use of copyright materials — your own or third-party content — extends beyond your country’s borders. Each e-lesson provides up-to-date […]

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BIO: Lesley Ellen Harris Lesley Ellen Harris, JD, is the CEO of Lesley is a copyright consultant, published author, copyright blogger and educator. She is an expert in navigating

Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks Online Course

Register for the eTutorial Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks, 23 October to 10 November 2017  Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks (RCL) is a nine-lesson eTutorial that demystifies how

8 Tips for Managing Copyright Issues

For most librarians and other nonlawyers who deal with copyright questions on a daily basis, copyright compliance is all about managing copyright issues. This means going through a

Copyright risk management as key to copyright compliance – a short checklist

Learning to manage one's copyright risks is never easy. Below are six steps you can take to manage your day-to-day copyright issues. Copyright literacy awareness and education are

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