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Developing a Copyright Policy

Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines In this post you’ll learn why a copyright compliance policy, copyright guidelines and copyright best practices would benefit your library or organization and how to write one. A compliance document such as a copyright policy, […]

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8 Tips for Managing Copyright Issues

8 Tips for Managing Copyright Issues If copyright were straightforward, you could simply answer questions and apply copyright law as issues arise. However, copyright is more nuanced and dependent

Copyright Education – Who is the Audience?

Copyright Education and Awareness Lesley taught her first online copyright course to nonlawyers in 2002 and has been hooked on this way of teaching ever since. She began teaching online

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Copyright Leadership Certificate

Do you need a copyright guru in your organization? Looking for unbiased and practical copyright information? Are you a nonlawyer managing copyright and licensing issues? Read about our Copyright Leadership

Introduction to Copyright Management

5 Essential Tips on Copyright Management + Compliance: Think about why you need to manage copyright in your organization. Consider designating a single person to manage your organization's copyright issues. Continue

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