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Developing a copyright policy

Developing a Copyright Policy

Developing a Copyright Compliance Policy or Guidelines for Your Library or Organization A copyright compliance policy or guidelines can serve a variety of functions, from determining who owns works created during employment, to explaining your licenses for the use of […]

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Corporate Counsel’s Role in Managing Copyright

Corporate Counsel’s Role in Managing Copyright Most uses of copyright-protected materials in an organization are done on a daily basis without consulting in-house counsel.  Such uses may be a

Syllabus for eTutorial: Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines

Complete a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines in the 8 lessons in this unique, practical course. Next offering: October 14 - 30, 2015. Syllabus is below. Register now and

Developing a copyright policy

The Purpose of Your Copyright Compliance Policy or Guidelines

Defining the Purpose of Your Copyright Policy or Guidelines More and more organizations are drafting and implementing copyright compliance policies and guidelines. This is not a simple task and


Copyright Questions & Answers

Welcome to the Copyright Questions & Answers page of this blog where you will find a wealth of questions with practical, brief responses to help you with your frequently

Copyright Compliance

Managing Your Copyright Issues

Managing copyright issues with the goal of copyright compliance is a task that many shy away from. It is generally the role of the nonlawyer to lead the

Who Owns Copyright in Works by Volunteers?

A volunteer creates an image or logo for a special exhibit or event. You use that logo on a number of print materials and include it on your

Managing Copyright Issues in 2012

12 Copyright Priorities in 2012 Your 2012 challenge-prioritize copyright this year with the following twelve suggestions. Plan and Budget 1.    Consider your 2012 budget for permissions, licenses, and copyright training.  Consult

Copyright Newsletter

The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter will be entering its 15th year of publication in 2011. Much has changed in copyright, licensing and "all things digital" since

Online Copyright Seminars: Managing Copyright Issues and Developing A Copyright Policy

A 16-lesson e-tutorial course in September and October 2010.  You may join the course until 22 October 2010.  Register. A 8-lesson hands-on course in which you write a Copyright

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