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Copyright Newsletter Change in Ownership

Copyright Newsletter Changes Ownership Big news on my work front. Eighteen years after establishing and editing The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, I have passed the torch to copyright lawyer Gretchen McCord. Gretchen was my first choice when I […]

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Landmark WIPO building in Geneva

WIPO World Intellectual Property Day 2014

Every year on 26 April, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates World Intellectual Property Day to "promote discussion of the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging

Copyright Laws Newsletter in 2014

You can now subscribe to the 2014 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter. Entering our 18th year of publication, we are proud to continue to provide

Copyright Laws

Copyright Law for Librarians

Do libraries have different copyright laws than other institutions or organizations? And are nonprofit and for profit libraries treated differently in the eyes of the copyright law? Where

Copyright Newsletter

Fair Use in Patent Applications, Jamaican Copyright Laws, Linking and Framing

Snippets from issue 2, 2013 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: On 16 May 2013 and the first hearing in this process— “A Case Study for Consensus

Copyright Newsletter Pathfinder

Which CopyRIGHT Pathfinders Interest You?

Electronic subscribers to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter have access to CopyRIGHT Pathfinders to vetted information on specific copyright and licensing topics. Are you part of

Copyright Pathfinder

CopyRIGHT Pathfinder on Fair Use + Fair Dealing

The first CopyRIGHT Pathfinder which is part of the 2013 Copyright Community is now available. This Pathfinder is designed with brief descriptions and hyperlinks to guide you through

Fair Use + Fair Dealing in Text and Images

This issue is a special issue which focusses on a single topic: fair use + fair dealing. The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter covers a broad range

Copyright Laws + Recording Concerts, Web Design, Changes in Canada

Snippets from issue 3, 2012 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: “Have you ever been emailed a photograph of yourself, or come across one on a blog

Copyright Laws Newsletter on your iPad or Other Digital Reader

Individuals may now subscribe at a reduced rate to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter for reading on your computer, digital tablet or phone. Priced for personal

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