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Best Practices to Lower your Copyright Risks

Best Practices to Lower Your Copyright Risks Lowering copyright risks is a goal of every library, organization and business. This post provides tips for identifying your copyright risks when using third party content, and keeping those risks to a minimum. […]

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Checklist – 18 Things to Do to Manage Copyright Laws in 2017

Copyright management is the first step towards copyright compliance. Here is's list of actions to help you manage your copyright issues and increase your compliance. Manage and comply! Checklist for

Copyright Notice Year

Year to Use in Your Copyright Notice This post explains the year to include when using the international copyright symbol on your content. Although the copyright symbol is not mandatory

Copyright Permissions – Sample Letter

What's In Your Copyright Permissions Letter? In this post, you'll learn how to contact a copyright owner to obtain permission to their work. If you're including images on your

Copyright Certificate Graduates

Congratulations to our impressive graduates from's copyright certificate programs! Our all-online copyright certificate programs were launched in the Fall of 2016 to empower non lawyers to be copyright leaders

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