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8 Tips for Managing Copyright Issues

For most librarians and other nonlawyers who deal with copyright questions on a daily basis, copyright compliance is all about managing copyright issues. This means going through a process of identifying all the facts, background information and issues related to […]

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5 Copyright Education Ideas to Implement Today

How frequently are you sharing the copyright message in your organization? Are you sending a weekly email with recent copyright questions and answers? Are you holding monthly discussion

Copyright risk management as key to copyright compliance – a short checklist

Learning to manage one's copyright risks is never easy. Below are six steps you can take to manage your day-to-day copyright issues. Copyright literacy awareness and education are

Are You the Go-To Copyright Person?

Many times I hear my students say they've become the “go-to” person at work for copyright issues, regardless of whether they're librarians, library directors, information managers or architects,

Applying Fair Use in Your Library

Fair Use in Your Library Since 2006, Lesley Ellen Harris has been writing a column, Info Rights, for Information Outlook, the publication of the Special Libraries Association (SLA). Each

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