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Manage Copyright; Don’t Let Copyright Manage You

Barb Ingrassia (formerly Head, Copyright and Licensing Services at UMass Medical School and 2012 graduate Certificate in Copyright Management) believes in visibility, props, and easy-to-remember catchy phrases to  share information about copyright in a light-hearted way. Barbara designed this t-shirt […]

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10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

Does fair use exist in Canada?  Do you have to register a work to be protected by Canadian copyright law?  Does Canada belong to the international treaties on

Copyright Questions

Copyright Questions Answered Here

Do you work with people who have questions about copyright? Where do they go to find those answers? Do you make copyright information easy and accessible? Copyright Compliance One of

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Copyright Managers Receive Their Certificates

A huge congratulations to the CCM Class of 2013 (22 in total.) Each year it is exciting to see so many professionals (who generally work full-time) take the

Copyright laws

Today is WIPO World Intellectual Property Day!

Today is a good day to write a poem, post an article on a blog or take a photograph. These works are all protected by copyright law. And

US Copyright Office

World IP Day as Celebrated by the U.S. Copyright Office

Hosted by Maria Pallante, U.S. Register of Copyrights and Director of the U.S. Copyright Office, today was a day to listen and see for oneself just what copyright

WIPO World Intellectual Property Day

Seize the Teachable Copyright Training Moment

You are in the company lunchroom and overhear a conversation about the development of your company’s website. Seize the moment and ask about setting up a copyright resource

Copyright Training

Saying Yes to Copyright Permissions

Be the Copyright Know Person; Not the No Person Are you responsible for spreading the word about copyright in your library or organization? Do people come to you looking

WIPO IP Day 2013

Copyright Education That Invites Participation + Cooperation

You know you need to spread the copyright message with your colleagues but keeping the copyright message relevant to the day-to-day activities of your organization is challenging. Equally

US Copyright Office

U.S. Copyright Office Celebrates World IP Day

World IP Day World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is on 26 April 2013. To recognize World IP Day, the U.S. Copyright Office is hosting a Copyright Matters program. This free

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