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Saying Yes to Copyright Permissions

Be the Copyright Know Person; Not the No Person Are you responsible for spreading the word about copyright in your library or organization? Do people come to you looking for answers about copyright law and licensing issues? Do people see […]

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WIPO IP Day 2013

Copyright Education That Invites Participation + Cooperation

You know you need to spread the copyright message with your colleagues but keeping the copyright message relevant to the day-to-day activities of your organization is challenging. Equally

US Copyright Office

U.S. Copyright Office Celebrates World IP Day

World IP Day World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is on 26 April 2013. To recognize World IP Day, the U.S. Copyright Office is hosting a Copyright Matters program. This free

Licensing digital content

Streamlining Copyright Licensing: The Copyright Hub

This summer (2013), the Copyright Hub will go live. The Hub is a UK initiative to help those who use copyright-protected content to obtain reliable copyright information. The

Copyright & Food

Copyright + Food

Copyright + Food Some recent posts that may appeal to your taste buds as well as your copyright law interest. Copyright + Food now has its own section in

Copyright tweets

2000th Tweet on Twitter @Copyrightlaws

Copyright Laws and Twitter Today I will share my 2000th tweet on Twitter @Copyrightlaws. Sharing tips, education, news and events in 140 characters or less has been a lot of

Copyright Training Certificate

Certificate in Copyright Management

Some facts about the Certificate in Copyright Management program: offered by SLA Click University + began in 2008 7 online courses 2 in-person courses open to the public courses in U.S., Canadian and

Respect Copyright Hat

Copyright Day – WIPO sets 26 April 2013 as World Intellectual Property Day

The theme for this year's World Intellectual Property Day is Creativity: The Next Generation. And what could be more appropriate as the born digital generation leads us into

Online Course: Global Copyright Law Principles

Login to the Digital Space for the online course, Global Copyright Law Principles. This course has now ended. It will be offered again in early 2014. An eTutorial on International

5 Copyright Education Ideas to Implement Today

Copyright education is becoming a greater priority in many organizations. As U.S. Register for Copyright Maria Pallante says, knowing about copyright law is a life skill just like

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