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Copyright risk management as key to copyright compliance – a short checklist

Learning to manage one’s copyright risks is never easy. Below are six steps you can take to manage your day-to-day copyright issues. Copyright literacy awareness and education are an important component of this list. Copyright Risk Management Copyright risk management […]

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Are You the Go-To Copyright Person?

Many times I hear my students say they've become the “go-to” person at work for copyright issues, regardless of whether they're librarians, library directors, information managers or architects,

Why We Need to Manage Copyright Laws

Copyright Compliance = Copyright Management Why we need to manage copyright is the underlying theme of's Copyright Certificate program. Copyright law is not straightforward and requires knowledge of national

8 Steps to Copyright Compliance

This post sets out 8 things you can do for copyright compliance. All organizations and businesses need to carefully monitor how they protect content their employees create and how they

Copyright Education – Who is the Audience?

Copyright Education and Awareness Lesley Ellen Harris taught her first online copyright course to nonlawyers in 2002 and has been focussing on online teaching to librarians and other non

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