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Copyright Certificate Graduates

Congratulations to our impressive graduates from’s copyright certificate programs! Our online copyright courses and programs are designed to empower non lawyers to be equipped with the copyright knowledge they need to lower copyright infringement risks, and our certificate programs turn librarians and other […]

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8 Facts About Canadian Copyright Law

 Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Celebrations are throughout the country during 2017. It's also a good time to brush up on important facts about Canadian copyright

10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law This post will enlighten you about Canadian copyright law. It sets out myths (and misinformation) with an explanation of the correct fact concerning copyright law in

Food Bloggers of Canada: Copyright + Food Blogging

Copyright and Food Bloggers Food bloggers have a number of issues to be concerned about when it comes to copyright law, from protecting their own content, to legally using the

Book on Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition is your guide to protecting and using Canadian content in Canada and around the globe. If your content is available

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