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WIPO’s World Intellectual Property Day

We’re on the WIPO IP Day Map We’re excited to share that is on the WIPO World Intellectual Property (IP) Organization Map alongside those around the world celebrating World Intellectual Property Day on April 26th. We are opening our virtual […]

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What Canadian Librarians Need to Know About Foreign Copyright

Canadian Librarians and Global Copyright This post explains what Canadian librarians need to know about Canadian and global copyright law in order to manage the use of content in

Copyright Certificate Graduates

Congratulations to our impressive graduates from's copyright certificate programs! Our all-online copyright certificate programs were launched in the Fall of 2016 to empower non lawyers to be copyright leaders

10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law This post will enlighten you about Canadian copyright law. It sets out myths with an explanation of the correct fact concerning copyright law in Canada. Each

Test Your Copyright Knowledge: International Copyright Law

  Test Your Copyright Law Knowledge:International Copyright Law Principles True or False? 1. Copyright law is the same throughout the world. T F 2. The leading copyright convention is the Berne Convention.

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