Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines

In this unique eTutorial you will complete a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines guided by eight emailed lessons. Copyright Educator Lesley Ellen Harris will moderate the private discussion blog and provide feedback on your assignments. Begins May 1, 2017. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Oh! The places you'll go with your copyright policy or guidelines!Hoping you don’t get sued for copyright infringement is not a strategy. A strategy is having tools in place and the number one tool to avoid copyright infringement is a written compliance document such as a Copyright Policy or Guidelines. Your Copyright Policy or Guidelines will educate about copyright, help you approach copyright in a consistent manner, and provide confidence to senior management and those using copyright-protected materials that your library or organization are in sync with copyright law.

Lesley has developed this unique eTutorial, Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines, in which she will provide you with actionable inspiration to develop and write an essential copyright tool for your library or organization. Whether you are starting from scratch or updating a copyright compliance document, let Lesley guide the way.

This is an eight e-lesson eTutorial that starts with a primer on copyright basics, clarifies why you need a policy, and then leads you through the steps of developing an effective copyright compliance document that will make your job easier and better protect your organization. This is an assignment-based course, and completion of the assignments will result in a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines. Some knowledge of copyright basics is helpful for this course.

Each e-lesson provides up-to-date information on the topics listed, sets out fundamentals for that topic and provides URLs for further reading. Each e-lesson has 1-3 short assignments.



Copyright course

  1. Why You Need a Copyright Policy or Guidelines
  2. Copyright Basics
  3. Your Copyright Policy Team
  4. Sensitizing and Educating Others in Your Enterprise
  5. Obtaining Copyright Permissions — The Big Picture
  6. Obtaining Copyright Permissions — The Specifics
    Practical Solutions
  7. Preparing Your Copyright Policy or Guidelines Outline/Draft

You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this eTutorial.

After taking this eTutorial you will be able to:

  • identify all copyright compliance stakeholders and clarify their roles and responsibilities
  • organize a consistent approach to copyright issues
  • articulate the key points that your copyright compliance document should encompass
  • summarize copyright management procedures in your library or organization
  • prepare a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines specific to your library or organization

Comments from participants:

I really enjoyed this course and especially how it’s organized. It has given me a lot to think about and ideas about how I will approach my new role as Copyright Services Librarian. – Mélanie Brunet, Ottawa, Canada

A super course. I appreciated getting your prompt feedback after posting my assignments. – Lynn Hughes, Library Technician, Copyright, College of the Rockies Library, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you very much [for instructing Developing A Copyright Policy.]  This course has forced us to put down on paper what we need to move copyright forward in our institution. – Patricia Sutherland, Library Manager, College of the North Atlantic, Qatar

Who should enroll in this course?

How to create a copyright policyAnyone who plays a role in developing an organization’s copyright policy will benefit from this course, including librarians, information professionals, policy development specialists and management.

Is the course aimed at librarians and information professionals?

Although many librarians participate in this course, the course is ideal for anyone or any organization. Every institution and organization, for profit or nonprofit, would benefit from a written Copyright Policy or Guidelines.

Is the course based on U.S. copyright law?

No, this course is about managing copyright, copyright compliance and having the right tool — a written Copyright Policy or Guidelines — and is not based on any one country’s copyright laws. However, you will be encouraged to include specific information related to your own country’s copyright laws.


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