Syllabus: Copyright Education: Demystifying Copyright in your Enterprise

Copyright Education:  Demystifying Copyright in your Enterprise (“CE”)


1.    Why Copyright Education

Organizational Considerations

2.    Copyright Education Leadership

3.    Evaluating Copyright Issues in Your Enterprise

4.    Preparing a Copyright Education Plan

Implementing A Copyright Education Program

5.    Developing Content for your Copyright Education

6.    Format of Copyright Education

7.    Copyright Program Development and Progression

8.    Additional Copyright Education Resources

Course developed by Lesley Ellen Harris and offered through  For further information, visit: or email:  Register at:


  1. Lesley Ellen Harris says:

    It is generally offered 2x year. Please check the Courses tab and get on my e-list too for quick notification of the next offering.

  2. Kunal says:

    Good morning,I’m ireenesttd in the Intro to Canadian Copyright primer course, but I don’t see an upcoming class scheduled. Any chance you might be planning to hold one in the near future?Cheers,Larissa Halishoff

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