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Digital Copyright

Who Owns the Copyright in Selfies?

Obtaining Copyright Permission to Use Digital Content

Legal Use of Digital Content – Making it Clear and Simple (WIPO Magazine)

E-Book Publishing Copyright Issues

Toyota Using Images from flickr

6 Essential Tips for Legally Using Images


Copyright Basics

The Balance in Copyright Law

The Legal Protection of Ideas

The International Copyright Symbol

Comparing Fair Use and Fair Dealing

Legally Using Images

Are You Legally Using Images? (11 January 2015)

Understand Copyright – A Life Skill (WIPO Magazine)


Copyright Management & Compliance

8 Tips for Managing Copyright Issues

Podcast – Copyright Issues for Librarians Working in NonProfits

Audio lecture (5 minutes) – Introduction to Copyright Management and Compliance

Staying Current on Copyright Law

Checklist – 18 Ways to Manage Copyright Laws

Who Made Me the “Go To” Person for Copyright Law Issues, the Copyright Officer or De Facto Copyright Expert?

Librarians and Other Non-Lawyers as Copyright Managers

Developing A Copyright Risk Management Plan

Developing A Copyright Policy



What To Do If You’re Accused of Copyright Infringement


Copyright + Food

Pi(e) is Not Protected by Copyright

Photographing Food in Restaurants

Stealing and Sampling in the Grocery Store…and in Copyright Law

Who Owns My Blog and Blog Posts? (Guest post on Food Bloggers of Canada)


Licensing Digital Content

Also, see Digital Copyright, above.

Book:  Licensing Digital Content

Sample Licensing Policy (Excerpt from Licensing Digital Content, 2nd ed.)

Misconceptions about Licensing Electronic Content

Article: The Unique Position of Museums vis-a-vis Licensing Digital Content


Canadian Copyright Information

Book:  Canadian Copyright Law. Fourth Edition published!

Moral Rights in Canadian Copyright Law

What Canadian Librarians Need to Know About Foreign Copyright

Ten Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law Resources

Copyright Collectives in Canada

Orphan Works in Canada: Unlocatable Copyright Owners

Copyright Duration in Sound Recordings Extended in Canada


U.S. Copyright Information

U.S. Government Works: Not All in the Public Domain

Moral Rights in Works of Visual Art in the U.S.


Info Rights Columns from Information Outlook

Great info for librarians and information professionals!

October 2015: Legally Using Content on your Website 

April 2015: Applying Fair Use in Your Library

January/February 2015: Copyright Law and Cultural Festivals

November/December 2014: Tweets and Copyright Law Protection

May/June 2014: Canadian versus US copyright law (click for further info on Canadian Copyright Law)

July/August 2013: Congress Begins Review of U.S. Copyright Act

May/June 2013: Complying with Copyright When Using Social Media

July/August 2012: Volunteers are Copyright Owners, Too!

May/June 2012: US Copyright Law Refresher

March/April 2012: Using Primary and Secondary Resources to Understand Copyright Legislation

December 2011:  The U.S. Copyright Office: The Next Two Years


Guest Posts by Lesley Ellen Harris

10 Worst Mistakes Bloggers Make When Using Photos

Who Owns My Blog and Blog Posts? (on Food Bloggers of Canada blog)

World Intellectual Property Day 2014 (on IPOsgoode)

Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition (on IPOsgoode)

Librarian or Lawyer: Who Will Answer Your Copyright Question? (on IPOsgoode) NEW


Interview with Lesley Ellen Harris

Q&A with Osgoode Alumnus: Lesley Ellen Harris

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  1. Lesley Ellen Harris says:

    Hi Noel, generally when you purchase a copy of something you only have the right to use that copy, physically share it, view it, etc., but not to reproduce it without the copyright owner’s permission. Depending on what country you live in, you may apply the fair use or fair dealing factors and determine if your use in your particular circumstances may be interpreted as fair without the copyright owner’s permission.

  2. Noel Owens says:

    I am wanting to conduct a seminar. If I purchase an individual copy of the material I am covering (10 attendees/10 books purchased), can I hand the material out to the attendees and cover the material in the seminar without permission from the copyright owner?

  3. Caroline says:

    Bonjour Lesley Ellen Harris du Québec,
    I am reading your book Canadian Copyright Law. I love my reading!
    Thank you for helping us understand such a difficult subject so easily.

  4. Lesley says:

    Hi Marcia, which Canadian course? The eTutorial? That will likely be offered in early 2014. If you are interested in CCM 201 which is part of the Certificate in Copyright Management program, that will likely be offered in the Fall of 2014. No exact dates yet but check again here please.

  5. Marcia Steeves says:

    Just wondering if you will be teaching the Canadian Copyright course anywhere before next October? I’d be really interested in taking part.

    Thank you

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