Your Essential Copyright Issues

What Are Your Pressing Copyright Issues?

We’ve all been there – those sleepless nights, when some nagging issue won’t leave us alone. Sometimes that issue is a copyright issue! With intellectual property, namely copyright, touching so many parts of our personal and work lives, it’s very possible that you have a copyright question that is seeking an answer.

Canadian copyrightCopyright affects us all in some way. Far from being just about artists and musicians, it affects professors, librarians, bloggers and even the most casual users of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. And it affects both creators and users of content. With copyright, your nagging issue may be one of many things:

I wonder if it was ok to download that image from the web and use it in my presentation to my clients? Wouldn’t it be awful if the owner turned out to be someone in my audience? What is my risk exposure if I use protected content without permission?

Perhaps it’s more about your own works:

How do I protect intellectual property that I have created? How can I fully exploit my rights without being exploited by others?

How long is my copyright valid?

What if I send materials for use in international locations – are the materials protected in other countries?

Or maybe about an employee, either working directly for your enterprise or as a contract employee:

Who retains ownership in works created by employees?

Do employees have moral rights in their creations?

What is the duration of copyright protection in works created by employees?

Do any of these questions or scenarios sound familiar? What are your copyright concerns?

By reading this post, you’re a step closer to addressing your pressing copyright issues. Don’t just allow them to linger and continue to be a cause for unease. Consider the copyright issues that affect your enterprise, and reply to this post with copyright questions that cause you the most concern.  Encourage others in your organization to share their thoughts as well. You may be surprised to learn that others in your enterprise share similar concerns. I look forward to hearing what concerns you.


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  1. Lesley Ellen Harris says:

    Hi Jiana, most documents are automatically protected by copyright upon their creation.

  2. Jiana says:

    Many journal publishers have documents such as Conflict of Interest, Disclaimer, or Author Statement for authors to sign before their articles are published in the journal. Are those documents copyrighted? I think they are. Thank you!

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