Why We Need to Manage Copyright Laws

Copyright Compliance = Copyright Management

Why we need to manage copyright is the underlying theme of Copyrightlaws.com’s Copyright Certificate program. Copyright law is not straightforward and requires knowledge of national and international copyright law, understanding of nuances of principles like fair use and fair dealing, and an ability to apply the law to specific situations. A good copyright manager has education, experience and is proactive.

Copyright Leadership Certificate Program

Copyright Certificate programThe Copyright Leadership Certificate program is a new program designed to reach out to existing and wannabe copyright managers in all industries. The courses in the program are designed for those who are in the position of managing copyright issues without the benefit of a law degree. The five eTutorials that are in the Copyright Certificate program and related discussions are aimed to help those in any type of organization thoughtfully and practically deal with copyright and licensing issues.

The five courses have something for everyone, with topics covering:

  • the definition of copyright management
  • copyright issues for nonprofit and for profit organizations
  • legally using third-party content
  • global and digital copyright issues
  • digital content management

The overall goal of the program is to learn how to manage your own copyright issues for greater copyright compliance and lowering your risks of copyright infringement. There are lots of opportunities to ask your specific questions, share your frustrations about copyright and management copyright issues and many tips will be provided on making others around you more copyright literate. This is an online opportunity that is accessible 24/7 and is flexible for anyone’s schedule – sort of like Netflix for copyright education! 

Copyrightlaws.com’s copyright certificate programs began in the Fall of 2016. The programs were developed and curriculum created and written by Lesley Ellen Harris. Previously, Lesley worked with the Special Libraries Association (SLA) where she developed and taught for nine years the Certificate in Copyright Management. Lesley continues to teach online courses with the American Library Association (specifically, ALA Editions). Lesley has been teaching copyright online since 2002 with her first course, Digital Licensing Online.

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