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I’ve been blogging so long now that I find posts that I now call retro! I am currently working on the 3rd edition of my book, Licensing Digital Content, and I came across this retro blog post from the arrival of the first print issue of the second edition. This post was originally written on 20 May 2009. For anyone who has ever written a book, I’m sure that you understand exactly what I mean – the thrill of seeing that book completed and in print and in your own hands! I’m looking forward to smelling and holding the 3rd edition by the end of 2017 or in early 2018.

Licensing Digital Content book

Original Post from 20 May 2009:

Today when I returned home was a box from ALA Editions on my doorstep. The first of a batch of copies of the brand new edition of Licensing Digital Content — the first time I’ve seen this book in person. I quickly and carefully opened the box and pulled out a copy. What a thrill to see the shining new cover actually on a book (rather than in a PDF file on my computer screen.) I touched the covers of the smooth book, flipped it over, fanned the pages, and brought the fanned pages to my nose to breath in the fresh new pages and never opened book. Mmm. Then I flipped through each page from the praise for the previous edition to the copyright notice to title page to the acknowledments (to my parents) to the Table of Contents, then through each and every page.

This is the 7th opportunity to have this experience. It is my 7th published book (not including translations of my books into French and Chinese) and the thrill remains. After much work and worry and deadlines and interesting research and writing and rewriting and reviewing edits and more, there is no greater thrill than to complete a book one is satisfied with. I thank everyone at ALA Editions and beyond who helped me through this process. And I hope that the thrill to my readers and the information within the book meets your goals.

Written by the book’s author, Lesley Ellen Harris

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