Opportunity to Ask Your Copyright Questions

Do you have a copyright question you need to discuss with someone? Can you forward that PDF article? Do you need permission to use a graph in your online course? Is it legal to use images found through Google Images in a presentation? What are your questions? And equally important, how do you get them answered?

Copyright questions and answersI’ll be back again acting as Lucy from the “Peanuts” comics on Sunday 9 June 2103 in San Diego at the annual conference of the Special Libraries Association. There will be a sign-up sheet so you can plan your time slot around your other conference activities. Sign up begins at 11 am and consultations will end at 1:30 pm. Sign-up and consultations are in the Social Media Lounge in the registration area of the San Diego convention center.

This is the third time SLA has organized the in-person Ask the Copyright Expert consultations. Arrive early if you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity; in 2010 and 2011, this was a popular event!


  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Brian, you need permission/licence to perform it in public.

  2. Brian Coughlan says:

    Question. As a band leader if i buy legal published music for my Jazz Band do I still need permission or a licence to perform it?

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