Managing Your Copyright Issues

Copyright Compliance

Managing copyright issues with the goal of copyright compliance is a task that many shy away from. It is generally the role of the nonlawyer to lead the copyright management issues. It is a role that many librarians and others are “forced” to accept though some librarians welcome the task.

Copyright Management

Copyright management is a personal journey; no two people and no two organizations manage copyright in the same manner. Everyone has different circumstances and different situations, different people and different cultures – how one manages copyright depends on your particular circumstances. Whatever those circumstances, copyright management is a journey and does not have a specific start and finish. Being flexible and forward thinking is part of this journey.

Copyright Compliance Checklist

The purpose of copyright management is compliance with copyright law. A short checklist to get you started includes:

  1. Centralize your copyright issues rather than have them spread throughout your organization.
  2. Learn as much as you can about copyright law (above photograph is from one of the classes in the Certificate in Copyright Management program.)
  3. Understand that copyright compliance is about risk management and not always having clear answers to copyright questions.
  4. Understand how permissions, licenses and copyright work together.
  5. Develop practical management tools like a written permissions procedure and copyright compliance guidelines.



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