Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues


Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues is the name of an online course beginning 18 March 2013 (ending 8 April 2013.)

There are 3 webinars which are recorded, a discussion list, and a 10-question multiple choice quiz at the end of the course. Participants receive a certificate of completion.

The online course covers:

  • copyright protection in digital v. traditional works
  • determining whether a digital work is protected by copyright
  • ownership of online content including user-generated content
  • existing laws that deal with digital copyright issues
  • licenses (for digital works) v. assignments of copyright and the meaning of “e-rights”
  • digital licensing overview and the role of a written digital license policy
  • copyright treatment of specific digital uses of content including scanning/digitizing; online content; manipulating digital images; electronic reserves and online course material; teaching online/distance education; e-mail; linking; discussions lists; blogs; downloading; e-archiving, digital libraries and digital library projects; digital databases of articles; internal v. external uses; wikis; user-generated content; and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • digital rights management (DRM)
  • the future of digital copyright
The course examines these issues from a practical perspective with the goal of helping nonlawyers manage the copyright issues they face on a daily basis.


What participants say:

“I have only recently been involved with copyright and the course really helped solidify some of the concepts I’ve already been exposed to, as well as exposed me to issues I may not otherwise have considered.”

“Through this course, I’ve realized how much work we have [to do] in order to prepare ourselves and those across our practice to be compliant in these areas.  The material you provided is exceptionally helpful and insightful.”

“…CCM400 will relate to my day-to-day job.  I am already planning to present my newly acquired knowledge with my co-workers at a staff meeting.”


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