Copyright Questions Answered Here

Copyright Questions

Do you work with people who have questions about copyright? Where do they go to find those answers? Do you make copyright information easy and accessible?

Copyright Compliance

One of the keys to copyright compliance is to ensure that people understand the basics of copyright law. Sending a PDF article to a colleague or consultant may raise a copyright issue. Including an online photograph in a powerpoint presentation may raise a copyright issue. And digitizing documents may raise a copyright issue. Do your colleagues recognize potential copyright concerns? Raising their awareness and sensitivity to various situations in which a copyright issue may arise may be one of your initial steps towards copyright compliance.

Of course, raising the question is only half of the process. Connecting them to the “go to” copyright person and providing practical answers to everyday copyright questions is essential.

Are You the Copyright Go To Person?

Shalu Gillum, JD, MLS, AHIP, (pictured above) is the Public Services Librarian at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library. She recently completed her Certificate in Copyright Management (CCM). Shalu says “The most important thing I took away from the CCM courses is that copyright management does not have to be formal. The easiest thing we can do as a copyright ‘go to’ person is make people aware of where they can go to get answers to their copyright questions.” After earning her Certificate in June 2013, Shalu posted the above sign and, wearing her new hat (given to all CCM graduates from, is ready to answer any copyright questions coming her way.

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