Copyright Newsletter Change in Ownership

Copyright Newsletter Changes Ownership

Big news on my work front. Eighteen years after establishing and editing The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, I have passed the torch to copyright lawyer Gretchen McCord. Gretchen was my first choice when I began looking for a successor in May 2014 and I was delighted that she was immediately interested. After two long telephone calls, we set out our terms of agreement and ownership was passed to Gretchen in mid June. Gretchen is smart and creative and is interested in keeping the integrity and style of the Newsletter while at the same time adding her own personal touches. She tells me she also wants to build on what I have accomplished to be sure the Newsletter addresses the growing needs of professionals as technology continues to grow and the law around it continues to develop.

“I am excited and truly honored.  I know this will be a rewarding and just fun experience,” Gretchen said about the transfer of ownership of the Newsletter. “I’m looking forward to working with subscribers and authors to be sure the Newsletter continues to meet their needs and expectations during its next generation.  I’m also looking forward to Lesley being a part of the Newsletter community and, I hope, an occasional content contributor. “

Copyright courses

Gretchen (on left) and Lesley at celebratory lunch in Austin TX in July 2014

I have full confidence I will enjoy the Newsletter under Gretchen’s guidance and direction and am looking forward to her first issue in September. I thank all of the subscribers over 18 years for your support and hope you’ll continue to support and subscribe to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter under the capable hands of Gretchen McCord.

More Time for Teaching and Writing About Copyright

Although I will absolutely miss my interaction with subscribers and authors and the publication of the Newsletter, I look forward to extra time with my family and concentrating my work on teaching copyright and licensing courses, authoring articles and books, and consulting.



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