Copyright Managers Receive Their Certificates

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A huge congratulations to the CCM Class of 2013 (22 in total.) Each year it is exciting to see so many professionals (who generally work full-time) take the time and effort to complete the 6 required (and one optional) online courses and 2 in-person courses leading to the Certificate in Copyright Management.  It is a big time commitment, and the students generally go way above and beyond in the efforts that they put in the courses, assignments and discussions.

Gaining Copyright Manager Knowledge

The aim of the Certificate in Copyright Management program is to ensure that graduates gain the knowledge, confidence and tools that they need to handle everyday copyright issues and to be leaders in copyright compliance and education within their organizations.

Some comments from 2013 CCM students:

I think the class approaches a massive topic with a simple and logical approach, and that is the only way to conquer the data… I have a new respect for copyright and hope to continue to expand my knowledge in this area. Thank you!!
I have taken many classes on copyright and this certificate program is by far the most intuitive.  I have been extensively involved in writing copyright compliance documents and training employees within our company for the past 15 years.  I will gladly recommend this program to my colleagues.  Thank you.

Legally Using Images and Other Management Issues

The Certificate in Copyright Management offered through Special Libraries Association and provides comprehensive and practical information on topics that include global copyright law, social media and digital copyright issues, use of online content and images, orphan works, digital license agreements, protecting content, and educating others about copyright law, through 7 online courses and two in-person courses. 2013 marks the 6th year of the program.

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