Copyright Literacy and Translating Copyright to a Life Skill

What is Copyright Literacy?

Copyright education and training can lead to lower copyright risks

Raise copyright literacy to lower your copyright risks

Literacy is defined as competence or knowledge in a specific area. Copyright literacy is more specific; it refers to important competencies and knowledge that include identifying copyright-protected materials, navigating fair use and fair dealing, obtaining permissions and licenses where necessary, and recognizing infringement of copyright law.

Many of us are exposed to copyright issues in our daily lives, often without awareness or thought. With the proliferation of internet-connected devices and digital access and sharing, we have the products of others’ creative expression in the palm of our hands – quite literally at our fingertips. Copyright literacy helps to ensure that we respect the rights of writers and creators, ensure that our own rights are protected, and that we are aware of the rules to legally and ethically use protected works.

Copyright as a Life Skill

Maria Pallante, former U.S. Register for Copyright, describes understanding copyright as a life skill, akin to reading a map or using GPS.  She asserts that at least a basic understanding of copyright law is required for everyone and that the level of copyright knowledge needed varies depending on your field.

Teaching CopyrightIt’s safe to say that nearly everyone will encounter a copyright issue at some point. It may be accessing sites such as YouTube and viewing and downloading videos and music.

In our professional lives, we often prepare presentations, marketing materials, and reports that we enhance them with images, music or song lyrics, quotes, etc. When doing this preparation, it’s important to know and understand the role of copyright law and how to legally use copyright-protected content.

If you’re an artist, writer or creator, an understanding of copyright is valuable to your success. It protects your moral and economic interest in your works. You have fundamental rights that you can take to the marketplace, negotiate and earn income from.

Learn to Prevent Copyright Infringement

Knowledge and understanding can prevent infringement, which is the unauthorized or illegal use of copyright protected materials. But it’s important to realize that lack of knowledge can allow misunderstanding of copyright and fear of infringement to prevent the use of readily available materials in new and inventive ways.

The wealth of creative content at our disposal increases daily. Copyright literacy is beneficial not only as a form of protection, but also as a means of ensuring that you are able to fully and effectively utilize that content.

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