Copyright Laws Education: Certificate in Copyright Management

Why we need to manage copyright is the underlying theme of Click University’s Certificate in Copyright Management: Principles and Issues program. Join our virtual open house on 14 November 2013 @ 1 pm. All the courses in the program are intended for those who manage copyright and licensing issues without the benefit of a law degree. The 7 online and 2 in-person courses are aimed to help those in any type of organization thoughtfully and practically deal with copyright and licensing issues. The courses provide a variety of content from copyright issues for librarians, authors, and publishers to global and digital copyright issues.

The free open house webinar will provide an introduction to the meaning of copyright management and copyright compliance from the perspective of librarians, publishers and vendors, and those who work with these groups.

2014 marks the 7th year of the program.  Developer of program and instructor Lesley Ellen Harris and SLA’s Carolyn Sosnowski will be on hand to answer questions during the 60-minute open house. For more information, visit the program page. SLA is the Special Libraries Association.

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