Copyright Courses Fall 2013

Online Learning

September is in the air and that means cooler days and even cooler nights. And it’s also back to school time – and not just for the young but also for those seeking professional development opportunities. Online learning is an excellent way to balance education with your day job and the demands of everyday living. This Fall, is offering on its own or in partnership with various organizations several choices for learning about copyright law and licensing digital content. Opportunities exist for learning about Canadian Copyright Law. American Library Association offers an online course on teaching others how to teach copyright compliance and also offers self study courses on licensing digital content and copyright + electronic resource management. And if you are thinking ahead, the Special Library Association offers its Certificate in Copyright Management beginning in January 2014.

Each of the above courses provides learners with options to meet their specific needs. When selecting a course, consider the cost of the course, time involved to complete the course, your own availability and schedule to complete the course, how you best learn (e.g., eTutorial v. webinar-based course), and the subject you want to learn about. One thing all of the above courses have in common is that they are practically oriented and are intended for a nonlawyer audience.

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