5 Copyright Education Ideas to Implement Today

How frequently are you sharing the copyright message in your organization? Are you sending a weekly email with recent copyright questions and answers? Are you holding monthly discussion groups on copyright? Or are you waiting for a copyright infringement claim against you to “scare” people in your organization?

Copyright education is becoming a greater priority in many organizations. And there are so many ways in which you can make your organization and its employees copyright literate while lowering its risk of copyright infringement.

Below are 5 ideas to get you started with your copyright education and awareness.

  1. Offer copyright fortune cookies. A simple message can be very effective.
  2. Watch and discuss a movie about copyright law. One recommendation is The Last Station¬†about Leo Tolstoy’s wife’s efforts to prevent Tolstoy from giving away the copyrights in his works.
  3. Place a copyright notice on your article, memo or blog. A notice by itself will educate people that copyright exists in your work. Some people believe that any online content is free for the taking and not protected by copyright. Including a copyright symbol and notice may make that person think twice about using your work without permission.
  4. Understand why copyright education is important. The more you understand about why educating others about copyright is important, the more effective you will be at educating others about copyright. Read: Understanding Copyright – A Life Skill.
  5. A traditional route is to offer online and in-person seminars. Create your own seminars, hire someone to teach a seminar in your organization, or attend an online or even self-study seminar that is offered by others.

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