WIPO Meetings: Francis Gurry and Lawrence Lessig

WIPO is hosting meetings on the future of digital licensing on 4 & 5 November. Dr. Francis Gurry (on right) opened the program by stating that WIPO wants to facilitate international licensing of digital content. He hopes that the meetings will address what has changed, what is not working, and what is missing from the current environment. Professor Lawrence Lessig (on left) gave the keynote. He divided licensing into two ecologies, professionals and amateurs. Professionals include those seeking remuneration from the exploitation of their works. Amateurs include those freely distributing their works including some scientists and academics. Licensing must distinctly address each of these ecologies. Lessig believes that WIPO should encourage voluntary licensing to create a better balance between creators and consumers of content with a new copyright architecture that is simple, efficient, regulates selectively, effective and realistic.


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